About Us

About EğitimAL

EğitimAL Foreign Education Consultancy Services which is founded in Ankara in 2001; is one of the biggest education counseling companies of Turkey now and it has sent over 10.000 students to United Kingdom, New Zealand, The United States of America, Canada, Australia, Malta and Europe from the day it was founded till now. The programs offered are; language programs, summer school programs, certificate programs, diploma programs, completing bachelor’s degree programs, bachelor programs and Masters.

EğitimAL Foreign Education Consultancy Services gives all the programs like counselling, arrangement(application/registration), visa procedures, housing, airplane ticket reservations, airport transfers and health & travel insurances for free.

eğitimAL, with its 9 offices and 50 employees; occupies an important place in the field in Turkey now  and has built itself a safe & stable place for the future.

Our Accreditations

EğitimAL; who adopts it as a principle to offer students the best universities and schools, only works with schools that has accreditations. Because accreditations are the insurances of the qualities of educational committees. That’s why eğitimAL pays attention to choose the companies especially with Council of Higher Education (YÖK) ’s equation or/and accreditations.

Our Social Projects

EğitimAL Foreign Education Consultancy Services is a company that clearly knows what it’s doing and the importance of the job that it’s doing. Each and every student who had been counselled by us to raise individuals who are beneficial for society is a feather in egitimAL’s cap. That is why egitimAL aims to shine out more and more everyday with social responsibility projects.

Here indicated are some of the projects we had been a part of;

INGED (Foundation of English Linguists); ‘Essays in English Contest’ and free language education abroad for 2 weeks for a student

Green Consultancy with eğitimAL; policy of using as less as possible papers and the policy of saving the environment.

‘Seeds of The Future are Sproating’ Campaign in which we corporated with the stars of Turkish Soccer


egitimal.com; the most visited and containing the highest program content website in its field; is a website which breaks grounds just like eğitimAL itself. By offering you the whole detailed information of over than 2000 universities and educational institutions; egitimAL.com serves as a model with its policy of Green Consultancy.

egitimAL.com is the biggest online educational platform in Turkey in which  visitors of every age can apply/register for any educational program with just ‘one click’.

In egitimAL.com; visitors have the opportunity to compare and analyze language schools, (abroad and/or up country) certificate and diploma programs, university bachelor and master programs; and register/pay for online to any program they would like to; in detail .

Our 360° Degrees Counseling Policy

You are valuable for us!

Our students are served a 360° Degree Counseling Service from the offices of eğitimAL. All of this specific service is given with no extra fees; starting from choosing a program & school to your arrival back to Turkey. We are always by your side when you are abroad; by answering your questions, replacing your housing or helping you to change your program If in need, registering and applying for different programs, and solving any problem with our professional counsellors; considering your adaptation process.

We are;

One of the most experienced Foreign Education Consultancy Companies in Turkey.

One of the companies who sent the highest number of students for foreign education in Turkey.

The company in Turkey who has the highest amount of agreements with foreign education organization.

The most visited foreign education counselling website in Turkey.

The website who has the biggest variety of education program offers in Turkey.

The most recognized foreign education counselling company in Turkey.

The education counselling company who provides the highest amount of student satisfaction in Turkey.

The education counselling company who invests the highest amount of money in technology in Turkey.

The first education counselling company in Turkey who has an agreement with an educational rating organization.

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