Yağmur Duranoğlu - Kanada Lise Eğitimi

Living far from home on the other side of the world for a whole year has impacted me more than I thought it would. This experience formed the person I am today by helping me come out of my shell. I became more confident in myself and the choices I make in life. I thought it would be harder to adjust to a new way of living but everything came naturally along the way. I learned to make decisions and take actions all by myself. I can't describe the satisfaction of standing on my own two feet.

I'd like to share a little bit of my experiences now. I decided to follow my passion of studying abroad and that's when I contacted Egitimal. Together we decided that Nova Scotia, Canada would be the best suit for me. It has been seven months since I started living in this lovely little coastal town called Digby. Egitimal was always there for me to check on everything that was going on in my life and to make sure I was ok and happy. Whenever I had a question or a concern I always contacted them first even before telling my parents. After I saw how well I fit in to the life in Canada, I decided to attend university here as well and Egitimal was always there for me during my complicated application process.

I fit in to the new high school really easily becuase everybody was welcoming and eager to know more about my Turkish culture. Although I have to admit coming from Turkey had it's perks. Get ready for the turkey the animal jokes especially on thanksgiving. I loved the fact that I had to talk in English constantly because I always had this great passion towards languages and witnessing the improvement in my English language skills made me appreciate my decision of coming here even more. To be honest I am really emotional especially when it comes to my family and friends. That's why I had doubts to come here, I was afraid to feel home sick. But that never happened to me I was constantly happy and felt like I was living the dream. Besides I was too busy concentrating on my own life so I didn't have time to get home sick at all. I'd say what I missed the most about Turkey is the cousine but it wasn't really a big deal.

I would definitely suggest this experience to everyone who's interested. It really is a major change and it made me excel among my peers. This experience is  what separates me from the others and it helped me define my personality. I am a stronger, well developed person today and I owe it all to this. I'm really glad to make this choice that changed my life completely and  I'm also quite satisfied about where my life is going. Exchange is not just a year of your life abroad, it is a life in one year!